Project Elevate


Project Elevate aims to support girls and young women to become more active.

Project Elevate works with young people to find their interests and create a programme that offers variety and diversity, allowing the young people to experience different physical activities or sports that they may not have the chance to do so within their school PE class.

Our young person centred project allows the individuals to have a say in the programme, allowing participants to feel heard.

The project co-ordinator works closely to create a timetable of activities by working with a variety of clubs and partners.

The project hopes to create confidence, health and increased physical activity. The group will be encouraged to transfer these skills into their class and in their personal life.




This project achieves the following outcomes:

  • Promotes health and well-being in young people
  • Sessions are participant led as young people are encouraged to play an active part in the planning.
  • Develops confidence in individuals and a sense of self-worth.
  • Our sessions create a safe space for young people to express themselves.
  • Develops social change, inclusiveness and team spirit.
  • Provides equal access to sport and promotes social inclusion.
  • Supports disengaged young people into being active.



During the evaluation of the pilot project, the young people shared their experience.

We completed baseline questions at the beginning of the project and revisted these at

the end.

The evidence showed that the young people felt physically fitter and healthier after the project. 

The young people stated that their mental health had improved.

They also felt less anxious about taking part in physical activity.


The young people who took part in the project were offered the opportunity to lead and deliver 'Cardio Drumming' classes for Primary 7 pupils in a local primary school.

This was a huge success.

It allowed the girls to use the confidence and skills they had gained throughout the 12 weeks and help younger girls who were feeling the same way about P.E in school.

The girls gained leadership skills which is something we aim to include within the project going forward, as a progression to support the leadership and confidence of the participants. 

If you are interested in knowing more about Project Elevate or would like to see this project in your school please contact