DJ Academy



- Helps brain development such as processing, language and reasoning.

- Stress reliving tool that helps calm the mind and enhance concentration.


- Builds on math skills through rhythm and learning ratios, fractions and proportions

- Develops communication skills


- Helps young people manage their feelings by expressing them through music.

- Can help improve social skills through working in groups.

- Boost self confidence and self esteem

- Gets young people in touch with their creative side and able to express themselves

Skilz DJ Project offers an 8 week programme that works to compliment the Curriculum for Excellence.

Each session works closely to meet the Significant Aspects of Learning to support education.

Students are offered a varied programme that is child centred and allows them to collaborate and tinker with the latest DJ technology as they discover the many ways to manipulate and generate new sounds.

Each session will encourage students to be active creators as they take songs they know and make it their own, putting fun into music.